It’s important to recognize the real cost of a foreclosure. There are hidden costs that may actually make a foreclosure more expensive than a conventional home in the same market. Take the time to check out the potential risks before you commit to a foreclosed home.

To begin, change any of the parameters below to fit your ideal foreclosure home.

Repair Estimates:

Appliances: per sq.ft. =
Listing Price:
Cash Investment:
Actual Home Price:
Exterior Paint: per sq.ft. =
Foundation: per sq.ft. =
Interior Paint: per sq.ft. =
Carpet / Flooring: per sq.ft. =
Drywall: per sq.ft. =
Cabinets: per sq.ft. =
Countertops: per sq.ft. =
Plumbing: per sq.ft. =
Electrical: per sq.ft. =
Windows: per sq.ft. =
Pests: per sq.ft. =
HVAC: per sq.ft. =
Mold Removal: per sq.ft. =
Roof: per sq.ft. =
Interior Cleaning: per sq.ft. =

Legal Fees:

Home is currently occupied: Eviction costs:
Home has clear title: Expert / Legal Fees:
Home has outstanding liens: Expert / Legal Fees: